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Debra Moore:

Debra Moore

I have worked in various roles of dentistry for over 20 years now and always wanted to be more involved with the education and treatment of oral health, it was fascinating to watch the changes in people who had received hygiene treatment – who knew there are wrong ways to “clean” you teeth.

Once my 3 children were older I decided to follow my dream to attend Otago University Dental School to obtain the qualifications needed to become a Dental Hygienist. Not easy for an oldie.

I have now been working as a hygienist for over 10 yrs and still love it as much as ever. I joined Symes de Silva in 2011 and love the friendly supportive team we have here. There is a very high concern for pro-activity over re-activity that matches well with my passion for helping people achieve good Oral Health.

As I said I have three grown children a boy and two girls and three fantastically amazing grandchildren so far, I love spending time with them all as well as with my wonderful group of friends who like me love cafes, fun times, and a little wine.


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