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Some Of Our Services:

Cone Beam CT
Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

Third molars or wisdom teeth usually erupt in early adulthood. If there is not enough room in the jaw to erupt fully they can remain half submerged. These ‘partially erupted’ wisdom teeth are frequently problematic as they are difficult to clean and easily trap food and bacteria beneath the gum. Often wisdom teeth are orientated in the wrong direction, such as lying horizontally instead of vertically. These are termed ‘impacted’ wisdom teeth and can cause problems such as trapping food and causing decay in adjacent teeth. Such conditions can cause extreme discomfort and often the only acceptable treatment for these problem teeth is extraction. Due to the nature of wisdom teeth a surgical approach is sometimes necessary in order to remove them from the surrounding bone. Symes de Silva has several dental practitioners who are highly experienced in this line of work. This along with the availability of Cone Beam and IV sedation ensures the best possible clinical
result and patient experience.

IV Sedation “Sleep” by qualified practitioners

For some people, the idea of certain dental procedures can be quite daunting. In these situations IV sedation is a good way to ensure patients are as relaxed and pain free as possible. Sedation involves the administration of anti anxiety medications through an IV line in the arm. The drugs used have a potent calming effect on patients and you will start to feel very relaxed. This is the perfect tool for anxious patients, or for more invasive procedures such as surgical wisdom teeth removal. Although often called ‘sleep sedation’ this is not completely accurate. Sedation is a continuum, but most people will be awake and responsive (but very relaxed) during the procedure. However the drugs used also have an amnesiatic effect meaning that time seems to pass very quickly and people usually remember little or nothing of the procedure. The drugs may make you feel ‘funny’ for the rest of the day and patients undergoing this type of sedation are asked to have someone accompany them home afterward. Symes de Silva employs several licensed IV sedation practitioners.

Cosmetic treatment including teeth whitening

Symes de Silva offers a variety of cosmetic dental services. Composite ‘white’ fillings are an important part of modern dentistry. Resin or porcelain veneers are a great way to improve facial esthetics and achieve a brighter smile. All ceramic crowns are very successful in improving both the appearance and strength badly broken down front teeth. These services and more are offered by all Symes de Silva dentists so if you are interested in any of these options don’t hesitate to enquire. Also ask your hygienist about our take home tooth whitening treatments.

Hygienist services

What is a dental hygienist? A dental hygienist is a registered dental practitioner who is qualified to provide oral health education and instruction, assessment and diagnosis of gum disease and preventive and therapeutic treatments to maintain healthy oral tissues and treat disease. Your hygienist works in partnership with your dentist to care for your dental needs.
Your hygienist is licensed to provide routine scaling, and root planing for patients with periodontal disease, dental sealants, x-rays as prescribed, administration of fluoride, local anaesthetic and oral health advice for optimal oral hygiene and care.
At Symes de Silva, every hygiene appointment will start with a thorough oral health assessment followed by a customised treatment.

Adolescent Dental Benefit Programme

The Adolescent Dental Benefit programme offer FREE basic dental care to young adults from year 9 at school until their 18th birthday. Only registered providers can carry out this service, of which Symes de Silva employs several.

ACC treatments

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Fissure sealants

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Root canal treatment

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Dental implants

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Indicative Pricing:

Exam, x-ray and polish – $60
Dental Consultation – $67
Periapical or set of bitewing x-rays – $30
Dental hygienist appointment – Up to $175

An estimate for all other treatment will be generated at the time
of the initial consultation. If you would like an estimate for any
other treatments please contact us.

Payment Methods:

In general, we are a pay on the day practice. However, certain
finance options such as the interest free ‘Q card’ are available.
Accepted payment methods are as follows

All Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Amex)
WINZ/Studylink quotes
Union Pay cards
Q card – What is Q card? Read More…

Q Card:

We believe it is important that people receive the best quality
treatment but understand that finances are a concern for many.
Q Card is an interest free payment option that we are currently
offering. So take advantage of an interest free plan up to 12 months
for treatment valued at $300 or over. This allows you to receive the
timely treatment you require without worrying about any large
upfront payments. To understand more about how Q Card works or to
apply, come in and see us or visit the Q Card website directly here…

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